Custom Bootfitting Service

As Michigan’s premier specialty winter sports retailer The Ski Company is recognized for its many custom bootfitting services. We specialize in all aspects of bootfitting including on-site alignment evaluations, sole planing, custom footbeds and boot stretching.

Whether you are an elite level ski racer or a weekend recreational skier, we can help you select and set up your boots to give you the right combination of performance and comfort.

Most custom bootfitting is done on an appointment basis. Please contact Ski Company owner Mark McLaren to discuss your needs.

 Bootfitting Rates
 Instaprint custom insole includes alignment assesment $130.00
Alignment/canting assesment  $70.00
 Shell stretching/comfort issues $20.00 - $10.00
 Bootsole planing with lifter installation $175.00
 Bootsole lifter install $75.00